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Get 10x Motivational Speakers Value with Tony Dovale’s Mind-Grow-Tainment Leadership Speaker Experience That Goes WAY Beyond Motivational Speaker Impacts.

Your Audience gains 10x Value with Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE, Growth Mindset & Inspiring Business Presentations. Tony Dovale helps You Generates Exponential and SWIFT SUCCESS With His Mind-Grow-Tainment approach.

Tony Dovale Transforms Mindsets, Meaning, Mastery, Leadership & EXponential Impacts and Results That Support People, Planet AND Profit. He Goes Way beyond good motivational Speakers Impacts and Results.

Tony is founder and CEO of Life Masters: a Human Element Optimisation and Engagement Facilitation organization that helps people, teams, Leaders and companies to achieve exponential results in a HUMAN and PLANET POSITIVE manner.

Tony’s HOLISTIC High-Performance framework under THE REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE is called CLEARx.

CLEARx covers  People, Teams, Leadership and Culture. It supports creating exponential results for PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFITS. This goes far beyond Motivational speakers, and creates Life-Shifting events.

Energise, Engage, Organise and Optimise Your Most Valuable Resources and Systems – Your Resilient, Inspired and Engaged People


chkblu1Tony helps organizations, leaders, teams and individuals to build WINNING MINDSETS & ENSURE SWIFT Success

chkblu1 Tony reduces the mental “static” that blocks performance, productivity, meaning, mastery and SWIFT Action.

chkblu1He builds BULLET-proof mindsets and RESILIENT attitudes that support THRIVING and taking SWIFT appreciative action to ENSURE true success.

chkblu1He’s one of the most inspiring and thought-provoking business keynote speakers, presenters and trainers available anywhere on the planet.

chkblu1He is also an excellent and transformative and inspiring Business keynote speaker for nearly any event, Conference or Workshop.

chkblu1Tony’s happy His client list is extensive and quite impressive. See their testimonials revealing the amazing results tony achieves

chkblu1Powerful testimonials from organizations and the attendees, validate the profound and positive impacts he has on them in all areas of their lives.

chkblu1 Tony’s exponential impacts and work is Life-Changing for participants and Life-Giving for teams and companies.

Tony Helps Organizations to Grow; People To Thrive; Improve Executional Performance

Organizations book him because they are committed to Building Mental Resilience and increasing agility Capacity, improving performance, accelerating achievement. Overall increased productivity and EXPONENTIAL results so that they positively support People, Planet & Profits.

His life-changing keynote Talks and business/Leadership workshops are full of amazing tools, strategies and insights, that impact and transform audiences and company Mindsets, performance and sales. This is Motivational Speakers impacts x100!

He shifts overall MINDSETS to create Resilience, Goodness, Happiness, Engagement, and increased productivity through his SWIFT Action  and CLEARx Exponential Results Business Optimisation Presentation and System.

His highly developed and profound understanding of human behavior, leadership effectiveness and high-performance organizations and the Circular Economy are easy to understand and apply, and creates positive powerful change where people, planet & Profits….THRIVE!

Tony’s SWIFT Success GROWTH Mindset system helps participants to transform Thinking, Feeling and Actions FAST…to ENSURE that they take SWIFT action with FIERCE Focus & Impact Ownership to deliver amazing results.

Tony is a powerful and inspiring Beyond Motivational speaker in Johannesburg- Gauteng, who can show your people and teams how to take SWIFT ACTION with FIERCE Focus, towards their goals. He can also help them successfully achieve them, through building Happiness, Appreciation, Resilience and Fiercely Focused SWIFT Action.

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Savvy SWIFT Success Ensurance

As a savvy businessman, SWIFT SUCCESS author, expert Revolutionary Workplace facilitator, and Tribal/Neuro leadership coach, he has a vast amount, and range, of experience across all of the different personal and business arenas.

Tony brings a wealth of deep experience, powerful tools, engaging stories, effective strategies, and distilled Wisdom to ensure change and growth actually happens… sustainably to create a Revolutionary High Performance and High Well-being Workplace.

Results Matter!  Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE: CLEARx, Circular Economy, and Mind-GROW-Tainment action-learning experiences and programs, impact people and teams on profound and deep levels.

The results Tony gets in people’s lives are highly impactful, memorable and enduring. His results will impact your bottom-line; Your organisational Well-being, Team Mindsets and your organizational culture. Tony is FAR more than A Motivational Speaker!

Tony’s clients have gained a 2 to 4 times increase, sometimes even more, in performance and business in 12-18 months with his unique and powerful Leadership Transformation and The Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx Exponential Results and SWIFT Action Philosophy and system, that supports People, Planet & Profit whilst embracing the new Circular Economy.

Nigerian Government Leadership Conference with Leadership Expert Tony Dovale

Nigerian Government Leadership Conference with Leadership Expert Tony Dovale


Tony helps organizations, teams and people remove their mental “static” (garbage/trash) that interferes or blocks performance and productivity.  He builds BULLET-proof mindsets and resilient attitudes that support thriving and taking measurable action to ENSURE SWIFT success for ALL- Guaranteed!

divider-starGo Beyond Motivational Speakers -= Get the Mind-Grow-Tainment Advantage.  Call Tony today.

Skype: Dovale_Castle Robin Drive Fourways Sandton Johannesburg South Africa Phone (0)83-447-6300 Contact Tony Here

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Tony Dovale Speaker Keynote

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