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High Performance System for optimising People, Teams, Leadership and Culture for thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and VUCA world.

Why Book Tony Dovale for your Event?

If you are planning a business conference or event Tony will help ensure it’s success.

As an acknowledged High Performance business expert, he will help your delegates to make performance optimisation simple, to focus on the truly effective areas, achieve sustained growth and, most importantly, enjoy the journey.

As an experienced, accomplished, professional speaker and High Performance Workplace business growth expert Tony Dovale brings to his events – whether they are Keynote Speeches, Seminars or Masterclasses – a deep understanding of business, an uncanny ability to make business optimisation simple, and the instinctive skills to connect with and challenge your audience.

His programmes are thought-provoking, and entertaining, laced with real-life stories, anecdotes, and some humour, and with a high take away content. Your delegates will leave stimulated, enthused and with the tools to take immediate action.

Tony Dovale – The High Performance Expert

Tony is a global authority on building shigh performance People, Teams, Leadership and Cultures

Hundreds of teams have achieved transformational change as a result of listening to, and working, with Tony Dovale and his REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance philosophy, framework and System

His legendary, inspirational, thought-provoking, entertaining and content-rich, REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE®” keynote speeches, seminars, and masterclasses, are consistently used as the catalyst for dramatic business performance improvement by delegates.

Tony works with a variety of organisations, from small to large.
His personal business experience

Tony is a highly successful, high tech consultant, author, mentor and leadership tutor.  He is the developer of the  REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System.

He is the author of SWIFT Success, and the develper of the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System. His materials  perfectly complement his programs and is the ideal collateral for your delegates. It is available in hard copy or Kindle.

Tony is your Go to Guy for High Performance... People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture

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