Trust Tony To Partner with You, to Develop a High Performance Exponential Impact Workplace

Develop Resilient, Robust, Responsive, Agile, Flexible, Fiercly-Focussed GO Mindsets

Turbo-charge Teamworking, Trust, Truth... and Transform Connection, Communication and collaboaration

Leverage Limitless Conscious Leadership, to enhance Engagement, Energy, Empowerment and Exponential Results

Create a Climate, Context and High Performance Workplace Culture where Expontial is a Potential

With 44+ years of business experience & wisdom – Trust Tony to deliver RESULTS

Tony provides Coaching, Speaking, Consulting and Facilitation/Training for creating
High Performance Revolutionary workplaces that deliver  exponential impacts and results

Creativity, and Innovation HAVE  NO VALUE…. If…
Your people and teams can connect, collaborate, communicat and execute. effectively.

High Performance Workplace Facilitation

Tony Facilites high impact, deep dive, life-shifting, action learning  experiences, via his PROVEN Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx High Performance CLEARx Framework, Philosophy and System.   He’s helped clients to 2x to4x their results with potent impacts on People, Teams, Leadership and Culture

Executive Leadership


Tony’s been coaching, and activating, high performance, FIERCE Focus, SWIFT action for over 44 Years.  Tony bleands his High Performance Expertise and Sytem into the  CLEARx Framework, For Coaching and Accountability, that achieves outstanding, and sustainable results. This is a 10X experience.

Unlike consulting, or traditional coaching, CLEARx high performance coaching helps business leaders and executives to identify and resolve specific challenges and work through uncertainty and difficult decisions

HPO Consulting Assessments and Advising

Tonys 40 years of research and experience, plus his PROVEN High Performance Organisation Framework, is a solid and simple platform and guide for resolving challenges, aliging visions and energy and turgo-charging team perform ance. The HPO assessment, linked with other insightful 360;s and personal and team profiles provides deeper insight into conditions and constraints. This provides baseline & incremental results tracking measures.


Speaking & Conferences

Tony is an inspiring, and thought provoking speaker. His interactive Mind-Grow-Tainment Action-learning experiences provide audiences with relevant,  real and memorable WOW encounters. Tony’s spoken globally to a wide range of clients, who have all provided rave reviews.   Tony’s authentic and warm tone engages audiences, and his

You can trust Tony to Deliver

For over 40 years Tony Has developed, refined and perfected his Hifg Performance REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System.. He’s the experienced expert when it comes to truly transforming People, Teams, Leadership and Culture to deliver outstanding results.