People Performance Enablement With Positive Intelligence & AdaptAgility

To Thrive today requires …AdaptAgility®

Help your people to overcome challenges.
Enable higher performance, greater wellbeing, thriving, and winning, in VUCA Times.

ADAPTAGILITY®  your strategic advantage.  Reverse Learned-Helplessness, burnout, demotivation, low morale, conflicts, and dis-engagement.

Tony Dovale: Expert Leadership AdaptAgility Speakers Gauteng South Africa

I increase performance, passion, productivity, results, and self-awareness, by enabling your People to be #FutureFit with Resilient, Growth-Optimised Mindsets, and greater #AdaptAgility.

#AdaptAgility builds #AntiFragility.

“Tony delivered way beyond what we were expecting!…”

We had an OUTSTANDING team experience!

– John Barker
Coca Cola (USA)
GM FIFA World Cup
Management team.

 “Working with Tony was one of the most valuable decisions we’ve made as a customer insights department!”

– Bernice A.

General Manager
Vodacom Customer Service

“Better than 99.99% of speakers I’ve seen in 26+ years as an event professional.”

What an amazing breath of FRESH air!  It’s very hard to impress me, BUT… Tony held my attention from the first moment, for the full talk!  As a PCO, I’ve seen them all. 


– Marinda Swart
CEO,  SA Resort Services

“…truly enlightening & life-changing experience!”

Your talk and facilitation turned out to be a  most powerful experience.  Really removed team barriers. Made us focus on key leadership aspects. We also built trust and more.

 – Andile Mvinjelwa,
SA Mint

 Enable your people to bring their best SELVES to work, and perform in VUCA times.



The REAL People Performance Enablement Problem?…. CISD!*

84% of CFO’s leaders believe their company is successfully addressing employee mental health.

BUT the reality on the ground is that around only 30% of employees agree!

We have the AdaptAgility solution to reduce the *Covid Induced Stress Disorder (CISD) : to help get your people to shift their perspectives, improve their feelings, adjust their thinking, and align actions… to optimise their AdaptAgility, Antifragility and performance.

*Covid Induced Stress Disorder (CISD)

What Your Participants get from Tony’s Expert Talks

1. Boost Adaptability, #AdaptAgility & #AntiFragility*

2. Build Responsiveness, Resilient & Robust Relationships

3. Activate Personal Passion & Unleash Potential

4. Enhance Energy, Wellness and Well-being

5. Activate Execution-Excellence & Accountability.

Successfully navigate, the million-moments of challenge, trust-and-truth, in the mega-waves of change AND opportunity.

Fast-track your process, progress, and strategy implementation.

Help your people THINK, FEEL and Act BETTER, to deliver BETTER results.

1.  Turbo-Charge Your People, Teams, Leadership, and Organisational Culture.  Achieve RESULTS in a Consciously Constructive, Psychologically-Safe, Resilient, Workplace.

2.  Increase  Consciousness, Unlock Passion, Expand Potentials, Activate SWIFT Action, Reduce Stress and Conflict whilst you  Grow… Engagement, Responsiveness, Positive FEELINGS, and Relationships.

3. Change Change-Management into Perpetual Reinvention, and GRRROWTH Mindsets, with  #AdaptAgility.

Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance #AdaptAgility system, is thought-provoking, proven, potent, and delivers more than most South African motivational speakers.


Have you noticed?  Culture, Conflict, Leadership & Connections, blocks your way to innovation and change-agility?

What Controls your Culture?… Your people AND your management / leadership!

What determines how your people show up?… Their manager, mindsets, beliefs, values, Identity, emotions, experiences, energy, relationships… And your CULTURE and LEADERSHIP style.

So how do you harness staff’s fullest potentials? …Provide a new context, consciously constructive culture, with Limitless Leadership, to create the conditions and climate, for clear communication, cohesive high-performance teamworking,  effective collaboration, creativity, requisite resilient  mindsets.

See if Tony Is Available for your session, Event or Conference, or a discovery session.

Tony Dovale is one of the most thought-provoking and inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard. – Clive Stacey – CEO Strategy Guru

*Aware – Agile – Adapt – Amplify – Align – Achieve – AntiFragile = #AdaptAgility

Give your participants the gift and Mindset/skills of #AdaptAgility and Self-Awareness… Information, Insights, Inspiration, and IMPLEMENTATION, to unleash their fullest passion, and potentials… for Peak Performance, no matter what the constraints, contexts, challenges, or conditions. Time to build #antifragile Mindsets.

As an expert on Resilient High Performance Teams Leadership, I ensure that you receive inspiration, information, and transformation, of your people…moving them along a proven Path to Purpose, Passion, Professionalism, Higher Performance, AND greater profits.

Participants gain uncommon wisdom, actionable strategies, Life-shifting insights, and action-learning experiences, to ENABLE PEAK Performance, and to energise them to unleash their fullest human potential, with greater Self Awareness, #AdaptAgility & #AntiFragility.

Create a Potent People Performance Enablement Culture with Conscious Leadership and Empathy… because it is vital in the post-pandemic world to build Resilient, Revitalised, Robust, Organizations, with GRIT,  Growth-Optimised Mindsets, and greater Well-being, for a brighter, bolder, better, bigger, future for ALL.

*antifragility concept Nassim Taleb

Testimonial: We were privileged to have Tony speak to our Dovetail staff on Well-being & Resilience.
We came away with many practical strategies on working from home in post COVID times.
His talk was enlightening and focused on adaptability, resilience, and our personal well-being, and being the best version of ourselves in the workplace.
Ralf Rolle – CEO – Dovetail Business Solutions

 My Speaker Approach

I share research, information, experiences, and data, humanised in stories that inform, engage, enlighten, enable, and inspire.

My action-learning presentations, and Mind-Grow-Tainment talks, have been termed authentic, thought-provoking, Inspiring, and soulful.

I provide the context and platforms for authentic and impactful conversations.

As a high-performance people & teams researcher, facilitator, and expert author, I combine those contexts, and my extensive 35+ years’ experience to create encounters, and talks, that inform, inspire, and move, audiences.

I include relatable and personal experience stories, practical information, and proven strategies, to help audiences become empowered to tackle the challenges and change ahead.

I speak at events, retreats, meetings, and conferences for teams, companies, organizations, and institutions.

P.S. I’m an ex IT techie AND an EXPERT “Corporate Soul Surgeon”.   I hack Human Software (WarmWare), because the “SOFT stuff” is MORE important than most hard business stuff, as you rebound to create a thriving High Performance Organisation (HPO).

What if… the next pandemic… is a mental/emotional health pandemic?
Well, that challenge, is here right now!

Leaders have to rethink their beliefs, values, and assumptions, about leadership, culture,
the work environment, and people performance enablement, if they are going to THRIVE in tough times.

More than 65% of people have shown signs of anxiety, depression, loneliness, Lethagy and burnout!

This Mindset /mental health pandemic is evident everywhere.

As suffering and burnout levels have risen significantly, as we face health and social crises, and economic uncertainty, improving well-being is NOW more critical than ever.   Conscious leaders, will ENSURE developing greater well-being, and cultivating Resilience (AdaptAgility) in their people, to enable engagement and proper people performance enablement, is vital.

The New Business Normal requires shifting perspectives, Smarter Thinking, Better Feeling, and Swifter Actions, to handle the million-moments-of-truth, trust, and transformation, that unrelenting mega-waves of change, challenge, AND opportunity, brings.

Tony Dovale: Transforming team performance with #AdaptAgility®, and putting the Heart and Soul back into business, to create, healthier, happier, hope-filled, higher-performance, enhanced well-being, workplaces.

Tony’s spent over 35+ years developing the #AdaptAgility High Performance methodology, a synthesis of Agility, Adaptability, Resilience, Responsiveness, Self-Awareness, Creativity, Collaboration, and Balance.

As a peak performance teams’ and Growth-Optimised Mindset, expert, Tony researches boundaries of human potentials, and possibilities, for optimising the mindsets, connection, collaboration, performance, and results of: people, teams, leadership, and organisational cultures.

This helps organisations to achieve eXponential impacts, amazing growth, and outstanding results, in the mega-waves of challenge, uncertainty, change, AND opportunity.

Tony’s #ADAPT-AGILITY High Performance Philosophy, Framework, and Digital Diagnostic tools, provides a proven approach, and deep insights, to activating, and optimising, Resilience, Growth-Optimised Mindsets, and sustainable higher performance.

As a specialist Human Performance Technologist (HPT), with extensive experience, expertise, and wisdom, and over R16 Million invested in time and money,

Tony shares proven, actionable methodologies, and information, to create Thriving REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACES with more CONSCIOUS Limitless Leadership and greater #AdaptAgility.

Use Disruption, Creativity,  Innovation, and Perpetual Reinvention, to turn change, challenges, complexity, AND opportunity, into the “NEW Business NORMAL”.

You can create #AdaptAgile, unstoppable, responsive, resilient, balanced, conscious, creative, people who deliver…High PERFORMANCE results.

“Gallup research reveals that an estimated 85% of staff are NOT engaged at work.  Resulting in an estimated $7 trillion of lost productivity.
In South Africa the disengagement is often higher!”

Did You Know…95% of people think they are self-aware, but only 10-15% actually are?

Measurable. Tangible. Results from Greater Self-awareness.

-100% improvement in leadership effectiveness.

-100% improvement in work & personal relationships.

-92% becoming better influencers and communicators.

-92% more successful at dealing with difficult people.

-92% reported an increase in sales effectiveness.

Dr T Eurich


is the vital foundation of Bullet-Proof, Growth-Optimised, Mindsets, Conscious Collaboration, LIMITLESS Leadership, and High Performance Cultures, that ensures thriving, and WINNING more often.


Verb – Make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; become adjusted to new conditions.


Noun – The ability to think, understand, and move, quickly and easily in a balanced and controlled manner.


Noun – The ability to bounce back after a challenge or adversity. To operate effectively under stress. The mental ability to keep on going, even though times and conditions are not ideal.


Noun – “The Capability, Capacity, Consciousness, Readiness, Resourcefulness, Responseiveness, and Resilience, to use #FutureFit, Growth-Optimised Mindsets; to be ready, willing, and able, to SWIFTLY embrace change, rapidly adapt, adjust, and successfully overcome challenges, and optimise opportunities, in  a manner that is motivating, meaningful, engaging, valuable, enjoyable, sustainable, and fun.”

 It’s time for change, or be left behind!

To thrive and grow Organisational Well-being …Your people must develop Awareness, AdaptAgility, Response-Agility and Resilience®

Help staff to become Adaptable, Agile, Aligned, Active, Awake, Aware, Conscious,  Connected, Collaborative, Creative, Empathetic, Balanced, Resourceful, Responsive, Resilient, and Fiercely-Focused Forwards.

Consciously Constructive human capital development & Perpetual Reinvention, requires #AdaptAgility because it’s not only a DRIVER, but also the DEFINING foundations, of economic success, and winning with well-being, in the new normal and Fourth Industrial Revolution – 4IR.

"...Never been in an experience this INSPIRING!"

It was Awesome! Our organisation can definitely use this type of training. It covers many different elements, of motivating teams, getting teams to work together better, getting teams to understand each other. The fun, the camaraderie, the whole energetic levels of the team improved.

Actually getting people to think about… really understanding each other… What makes you tick? What makes you happy?…What makes you sad? And how do you need to look at this? A good understanding of yourself, where you need to be, where you are going?
Ansa – HR Manager – Nissan South Africa.

"Almost 400% Growth from Tony's HPO Intervention!"

400% Growth after working with Tony’s Revolutionary Workplace High Performance
system talk and workshop, we almost 4x’d our annual turnover…R200 Million
to almost R800 Million.  
Deon S. Blignaut – Financial Manager
– IDT  Independent Development Trust

Better than 99.9% motivational speakers I've seen in 26+ years"

“What an amazing breath of FRESH air! It’s very hard to impress me, BUT… Tony held my attention from the first moment, for the full talk! As a professional conference organiser, and being in the conference industry for 26 years, I’ve seen them all.   But, Tony is OUTSTANDING!!
– Marinda Swart | CEO SA Resort Services

"Tony's helping us to do it again - Goal 200 Million!"

Lovell_Industries_Logo“From 2 weekend interventions “We grew business from R30 Million to R50 Million, to 90 Million in annual sales, largely because of our work with Tony! 3rd Session…Our new goal with Tony is R200 Million.Allison Lovell- CEO: Oxbow Resort & Frank Lovell – CEO: Lovell Packaging

"Tony delivered way beyond what we were expecting!"

Tony delivered way beyond what we were expecting. We had an OUTSTANDING team experience! –
John Barker Assistant GM Coca Cola (USA)
FIFA World Cup Management team.

"...a truly enlightening & life-changing experience!"

Really removed team barriers. Made us focus on key leadership aspects. We also built trust within the team.
 Your talk and facilitation turned out to be a unique and powerful experience.- Andile Mvinjelwa,
Managing Director, SA Mint.

"Tony created a noticeable and dramatic difference in our team"


Call Center Team & Mindset Optimisation:   Tony’s team development & Bullet Proof mindset talk and Coaching made a noticeable and dramatic difference in our teams attitude and performance  –
Paul De Waal

– Snr Manager Customer Services Makro Call center

"Working with Tony was one of the most valuable decisions we've made!"


Organisational Development Team Alignment “To Use Tony service was one of the most valuable decisions we’ve made as a customer insights department”.
– Bernice A. Vodacom Customer Services

Tony’s spoken to thousands of participants in many countries such as London UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Canada, Kenya and USA.

And the audiences all love him

"Tony gave us a A 10/10 experience"

Tony’s talk deeply and profoundly touched every aspect of my life and our team! A 10/10 experience. Tony’s talk did more than 7 years of psychology training.”
-Zelda HR Manager/Psychologist – People Placements

Tony was fantastic! I was blown away...awesome!

As an international speaker and trainer, I find it very hard to sit and endure BORING seminars.

But from the moment I heard Tony’s relaxed, motivational and inspiring style, I was HOOKED!  Not only is he inspiring, but he motivates you by sharing his personal struggles, trails AND triumphs!

Tony challenged me to get FIERCE FOCUS about my business. He said ONE thing that shifted my thinking ENTIRELY. I’m coming away more driven and focused than ever before.   

You can tell that Tony REALLY CARES about making a difference in the lives of his audience!

"OUTSTANDING...! The positive impact Tony had on me and our team, is SO SIGNIFICANT!"

“I attended Tony’s workshop as part of my Toast Masters Leadership training. 
Tony was outstanding!  The positive impact, at a personal level, that just spending a morning with Tony has had on our team, is so significant. 
We’re working to make it possible for Tony to come to address all of our leaders at our Southern African Toast Masters conference.
Paul – Toast Masters South Africa Leadership Team

"The Most Thought-provoking Inspirational speaker In my life!"

Tony’s talk had a profound impact on my thinking and mindset. Most thought Provoking experience in my life…
Clive Stacey – CEO
BDP (Business Development Focus)

"I Help companies to build High Performance Results through ADAPTAGILITY!"

…by optimising  BULLET-PROOF #FutureFit Mindsets Unleashing potential, building Trust & Teamwork, Leveraging LIMITLESS Leadership, and Clearing your Culture, to create outstanding results, in tough Industrial/Business 4.0 ever-shifting changes.

"Tony is one of the MOST inspirational individuals I've ever had the privilege of meeting!"

Without question…Tony is one of the most inspirational individuals I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting!    Insightful, thought-provoking and genuinely doing what he does to see other people achieve success. He’s the REAL catalyst for ENSURING success.

Honest Ncube – CEO Htalk 

"Your talk was absolutely amazing!"

Professional Speakers Association South Africa

"...Awesome, Wow! Fun, Exciting, Enlivening, Wake Up Call!"

Thank You Tony Dovale for an Awesome, Wow! Fun, Exciting, Enlivening, Woke (Wake Up Call)
Presentation last night to COMENSA Pretoria!
Andrea Girling.
Ardent Participant

Tony is outstanding, knowledgeable, professional, and always exceeds our highest expectations.

His proven approach revolutionised our workplace, and resulted in tangible, measurable, and long-term, impacts.
Exten Makwela – Director
Human Resource and Development Statistics South Africa

"Thank you for touching my Soul".

I felt incredible love, peace and joy, after our two days together with you!

I can confidently say that Tony’s process has altered my perspective and
response to many situations, already. Over and above this, his depth of knowledge,
personality, patience, understanding, perseverance and energy, is the perfect anti-dote, for a burnt out situation.

Yasmin Bacus| Executive Manager:
Kwazulu Natal Liquor Board

If Tony can help other teams to 2x to 4X their results…IMAGINE what he can do for YOU, and your team.

Help your people to build high performance ADAPTAGILITY MINDSETS, by using Human Performance Technology (HPT) to synthesize their Awareness, Agility,  Adaptability, Fierce-Focus, Balance, Creativity, and Resilience, to create exponential impacts and outstanding results.

Help staff swiftly become #FutureFit, and adjust how they Focus, Feel, Think, Act, Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate, to create bigger, brighter, bolder, better, results…for ALL.

Energize your audience and inspire aligned-action with practical and actionable strategies, that ensure greater success in all areas of life.

Audiences want practical advice to implement right away. And they want to be inspired and entertained as well… we deliver this to your audience.

I specifically customize my virtual presentations, or in-person talks/keynotes, and masterclasses, for each audience. 

My goal is to make your event memorable, valuable, informative,  and outstanding.

Why choose South African motivational business speakers, like Tony, as Your Peak Performance ADAPTAGILITY Leadership Speakers & People Performance Enablement Partners?

Resolve Learned Helplessness to activate and unleash fullest people passion and potential.

Resolve limited thinking/feeling to build Growth-Optimised Mindsets and SWIFT Actions on a strong foundation of greater #AdaptAgility.

Resolve team conflicts to build better connections , communication, and more effective collaboration.

Resolve ineffective leadership to amplify and align engagement, energy & Fiercely Focused actions.

Resolve toxic constraints to build cultures, and contexts, where people learn, adapt, and thrive, in the Industrial 4.0 era.

His #AdaptAgility focused business talks, Team Facilitation, Leadership Advisory, and Executive Leadership Coaching/ Mentoring, ENSURES that your people can build “Bullet-Proof” Mindsets, more Meaning, better Behaviors, to Connect and Collaborate more, in a positive manner, that supports People, Planet AND Profits.

Tony delivers huge amounts of VALUE; Information, insights, impact, experience, and sustainability, to your strategic implementation and tactical optimisation process, of People, Teams, Leadership and Culture.

Conscious Business Leadership for supporting People (first), Planet, AND Profits, enables thriving.

Experience the proven Revolutionary ADAPTAGILITY™ High-Performance System to turbo-charge potential, and pump up performance, whilst supporting People, Planet AND Profits, to thrive in the ever-shifting, mega-waves, of uncertainty, change, challenge, AND opportunity.

Leadership Consciousness must grow to create more conscious growth-optimised mindsets, able to safely navigate in these tough, uncertain, challenging, times. 

“Strategy, Innovation, and Creativity, have ZERO value, if you can’t EXECUTE and IMPLEMENT, effectively, in tough times”

ADAPTAGILITY Works on 4 levels.

1. People: Feelings, Focus, Growth-Optimised Mindsets, Well-being & Psychological Capital

2. Teamworking; Connection, Communication, Trust, & Collaboration

3. Leadership: Limitless Leadership that unleashes, amplifies, and aligns potential

4. Conscious Culture: Context, where High Performance is the norm

AdaptAgility  enables the conversion of Creativity, Innovation and Change-Management… into Grit, Growth, Perpetual Reinvention, and higher performance.

By incorporating Tony’s proven Human Performance Technologies (HPT) that synthesise Adaptability, Agility, and Resilience, into a potent proven foundation for high performance, Well-being and Thriving, companies gain the optimal competitive advantage.

“Every CEO needs and wants, ADAPTAGILITY, and AntiFragility, where their people and teams adjust, respond, and change, faster,
collaborate better, deliver more, and outperform the competition.”

Use the ADAPTAGILITY process to ACTIVATE #FutureFit Mindset Mastery, 
Create More Meaning, Motivation, Momentum, and Team Magic, to navigate the
ever-changing, uncharted, Mega-Waves of Change.

“It’s the leaders response-ability to activate, amplify, and align, your PEOPLE”S POTENTIAL…
into 10x Potential for HIGHER PERFORMANCE, and Amazing Results.” 

“Tony’s Revolutionary HPO process will change your life!” John McGrath -International High-Performance Business Expert.

ALL Companies Face Complex People Challenges and Tough Times with Corona Virus Constraints & Industrial 4.0 Change

The ability to SWIFTLY form high-performance teams, with the right GO mind-sets, and positive relationships, who can successfully solve the Corona Constraints, and prevailing challenges, is vital to ensure thriving and rebounding forward to full speed.

Tony, shares his wisdom on what needs to be done, by whom, and how to do it, to ENSURE greatest unleashing of your people’s positive feelings and performance potentials.

  • Question: How do leaders create ADAPTAGILITY with better feelings/ attitudes, and Growth-Optimised mindsets for happier, healthier, higher performance teams?

  • Question: How do we create higher performance People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture, equipped to thrive in tough VUCA times, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

  • Question: How do we get the most out of ourselves,  our people, and teams?  Because we all need to OPTIMISE performance by using Growth Optimised Mindset to unleash fullest potentials.

  • Question: How do we co-create new business in clear “blue-oceans” How do we create sustainable growth optimised mindsets? Why? Because, it’s tough to compete in evermore competitive, changing, and cut-throat markets.

  • Question: How do we shift focus, and fears, from stuck-in-the-past, to forging a  bigger, brighter, bolder, better future?  Because we need to challenge what we believe and how we think, if we are going to thrive in this ever-changing complex future, and mega waves of change.

– Time to Rewire our limiting “Thought Viruses”, to unleash new possibilities and higher potentials.

– Tony is your catalyst for building “Bullet-proof” mindsets, and activating, aligning, greatest people performance potentials & Team collaboration. Go For More Than typical a Motivational Speakers in South Africa – Get sustainable results.

ADAPTAGILITY: Enabling Empowering, Energising, Engaging, and Enlightening …UNLEASHING PEAK Feelings, Performance & Passion, for Outstanding Results!

There are only 2 kinds of leaders and teams:

1. Successful = Action-oriented, Courageous, Creative, Conscious, Collaborating, and Fiercely Focused Forward.

2. Failure = Those dwelling in the past, problems, fear, and fixated on control, blame, politics, silos, and certainty.

As an expert, and inspiring Business Leadership Speaker, Facilitator & High Performance Strategist Coach…

I help audiences and teams to have greater AdaptAguility: Aware, Adapt, Amplify, Align and Achieve… More conscious, #FutureFit, Collaborative, Positive, Bullet-proof Growth mindsets, for achieving higher performance and outstanding results, in a sustainable manner, in uncertain and ever-changing times;

– People (Psychological Capital & Resilient Growth Mindsets)
– Teams (Collaboration, Communication, and Trust)
– Leadership (High-Octane, Conscious and LIMITLESS)
– Cultures (Agile, Adaptable, and Accountable)

“Discover the Psychology, Technology, ADAPTAGILITY Optimisation System, and REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Methodology, LIMITLESS Leadership Process, to ensure flourishing, and thriving, in the tough Corona Virus / VUCA times & the waves of change in the 4th Industrial Revolution era.” 

Go Beyond Motivational Speakers in South Africa.- Choose a Growth-optimised Mindset expert to help Build #AdaptAgility.

Moments of Truth History

The phrase ‘moment of truth’ (MOT) was created by Richard Normann and popularized by Jan Carlzon, CEO of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

Carlzon was responsible for the airline becoming more customer-centric.  He used the Moments of Truth (MOT), term to mean those experiences, in which there is an opportunity for a person or organization to make a positive difference when interacting with customers.

Today “customers” must include all STAFF as well as suppliers, prospects, partners, and customers.

Tony’s a growth-optimised business leader, expert, author, advisor, Accountability Executive Coach, and High Performance Business Leadership speaker and Advisor.

His proven ADAPTAGILITY process upgrades your people’s thinking, feeling, and actions, focuses feelings, and expands consciousness, consideration, and compassion, to give you 10x potentials, inspiring impacts, resilience, and outstanding results.

Tony Dovale’s MOST POPULAR Business Leadership Talk:

REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE™ 10x Leadership & Peak Performance Mindset Talks 

Activating fullest Human Potentials and Performance, Creativity, and Collaboration, in The VUCA age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with new Human Performance Technologies to (HPT) create Bullet-Proof Growth-Optimised Mindsets, more meaning, mastery, and Team MAGIC

Topic: Teamwork, Performance, Leadership, Change, Constant Innovation, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Human Performance Technologies – GO Mindset

Perfect Audiences: Global Conferences,  Leadership Events, Client-Facing Events, Corporate Meetings, Associations, Executives / CEO’s, Management

Business is rapidly shifting, and competition is growing at the speed of light. Exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), and Accelerated Machine Learning, (AML), APPS and BOTS, are disrupting business models.

In this new context where Information Technology (IT) can probably automate almost half of average  jobs in the next 20 years, there is one  unique competitive advantage that every leader must leverage – Your Human Performance Potential and Execution, with the latest Human Performance Technologies (HPT)

In this customised, Info-taining, Mind-Grow-Tainment, visual business talk, Tony Dovale takes your audience on an adventure, and  journey, to discover the secrets of the highest performance People, Teams, Leadership, and Cultures that thrive in Tough VUCA times.

Your audiences and participants will learn from Tony’s BEYOND motivational Speakers in South Africa talks:

– What the Human Performance Technologies (HPT) mean for you, your people, and your team’s thriving and success.

– Which positions in your workplace require what new Human Element mindsets & skills to thrive.

– Why High Tech, means you MUST have even MORE HIGH-TOUCH for staff engagement, collaboration, connection, commitment, and client loyalty.

– The vital 6 step CLEARx process for developing a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE, and High Performance Organisation, that wins more often.

– How to lead High Performance Teams, foster a collaborative and constant innovation, Conscious Culture, and increase passion, performance, productivity, and profitability.

– How to use the new science of ‘Human Performance Technology’ to evaluate,  Activate,  Amplify, and Align, your people’s fullest potentials, and performance, to implement and execute with Energy, Engagement, Enthusiasm, and Excellence.

 Business is changing at light speed.   Artificial intelligence,  robotics, machine learning, biotech, etc, are disrupting everything.

Chose one of the most impactful business Motivational Speakers in South Africa to empower and enable greater people performance.

The human element, AdaptAgility, and Team building/ team working, has never been more Important than now, as we navigate these uncharted  MEGA-waves of disruption; challenge, change, and opportunity!

MINDSETS: the right mindsets can make your staff up to 7 times more valuable in these tough times…Are they Response-ABLE and Resilient?

LEADERSHIP – 40%-60% of results are impacted, influenced, and directly controlled, by leadership quality and consciousness. – Are your leaders “LIMITLESS” Leaders?

CHANGE – Change management is DEAD – Long live Constant-Reinvention, as a better way of life and business.

CULTURE – up to 60% of performance and productivity is constrained, or contributed, by your workplace and team CULTURE and CONTEXT CONDITIONS.


“Tony’s Session With Us Was LIFE-CHANGING!
He Went Way Past Our Biggest Expectations!”

-Onwell Msomi GM Coca Cola SA FIFA World Cup Management team)

Tony’s Story – Beyond Motivational Speakers Impacts, Inspiration & Results

Passion & Purpose to Unleash Potential for a Bigger, Brighter, Bolder, Better, future for us, ALL

Many people perform well below their full potential. This increases pressures, duress and stress as we navigate ever-increasing uncertainty, and challenges in our life and work.

In his Action-Learning, interactive Mind-Grow-Tainment talks and experiential workshops, filled with real-life experiences and stories, actionable Insights and, wisdom, Tony delivers profound value.

A highly competitive sportsman, and entrepreneur, gives Tony his drive to succeed.

Plus a harrowing Paraglider crash in his 30’s left him bedridden for 3 months, and changed his life irrevocably, to understand that life is fragile, and can be VERY short!

This inspired him to focus even more fiercely on supporting and guiding people to live to their fullest potential in life and business.

His profound LifeShift Self Mastery process assists people by transforming their IDENTITY, beliefs, blocks, and the way they focus, feel, think, and behave, in reaction or response, to their prevailing challenges, constraints and opportunities.

His passion for performance optimisation, resilience and human performance technology (HPT) /psychology, was born as a highly competitive sportsman, where the right mindsets combined with requisite skillsets, unleashed optimal personal performance.

His personal transformation foundations evolved, beyond motivational speakers, in South Africa, impacts, into a potent proven process for optimising workplace potential and performance, of People, Teams, Leadership and organisational Cultures.

As a High Performance AdaptAgility Coach and Teams facilitator tony educates, inspired, and energises, individuals, teams and executives / leaders to reinvent and RETHINK their organisations.

Because Tony has had to develop personal resilience, higher performance, and expand his own potential, he understands the contexts, conditions, and constraints, people and teams, have to contend with, on a daily basis.

From his, over 30+ years of experience, research and wisdom, he empowers people to SWIFTLY become more conscious, responsive, resilient, and have greater AdaptAgility in their lives.

Tony is a living example of his mindset optimisation methodologies, because he lives them.

And it’s his Soul-Purpose, and passion, to unleash people’s fullest potential and consciousness.

His horrific Paraglider crash, and his other life-expanding adventures, constantly push him to push past, the edges of our limited beliefs.

He’s learnt how rethinking, and rewiring our attitudes and mindsets, towards fear, failure and frustration, are the foundations, for personal growth and accelerated self development.

His process is designed to help business People, Teams, and Leaders, to each become a better ME, so that they can be a better WE.

His easy-going style, he share insight, experience, research, compelling stories and practical, actionable tools, are combined into his entertaining, interactive Mind-Grow-Tainment experiences for his audiences.

It is his passion and purpose that drives every encounter and engagement.

The future is uncertain. We don’t know what skills we will need. But we do know what MINDSET qualities are required to thrive and collaborate.

Tony uses every challenge as an opportunity for us to review, reframe, rethink, recover, grow, adjust and expand.

Tony will equip your audiences with “bullet-proof” Mindsets and AdaptAgility (Adaptability, Agility, Resilience, Creativity, Balance), more conscious compassion, and commitment to a bigger, brighter, bolder, better, future for us …ALL.

ALERT: Harvard Business Review survey:

40% of managers and supervisors expressed “low confidence in their ability to manage workers remotely.”

Another 41% of managers doubt their ability to keep their remote staffers motivated over the long term.

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ASTD ~ (American Society for Training & Development)

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