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Mind-Grow-Tainment & Mind-Flow-Grow Speaker

Tony’s sessions to go beyond motivation and information… To Edification, Engagement, Enlightenment, & Transformation…Build Happier, Resilient,  Courageous Growth-Mindsets

 “If we’re to regain our Soul Purpose, live happily together …to sustainably succeed in the new world of work, we must RETHINK how we are learning, living, loving, leading, and leaving a legacy.”

Why We Need GO Mindsets

Proven 10Xpotential Process

We need resilient growth-oriented (GO) Mindset people, high-performance Teamwork, Trust & Tolerance, and amazing Limitless Likeable Leadership everywhere, in an exponential-impacts-enabling culture & workplace. 

We all know that motivational talk’s impacts never last. We all know that we can read some info in a book but seldom sustainably apply the wisdom or information.

Research shows that typically less than 12% of what is learnt in a normal training is forgotten within 30 days. Fixed Mindsets stifle creativity and potential. 

We need a Revolution in thinking and experience… which will shift what, and how we see, and how we feel and act, and the results we achieve… on an ongoing, considerate, caring and conscious basis. 

Self-Mastery /Self Awareness…is the beginning of all success. We all know that Willpower is not the solution to sustainable change.

We need something more effective to help, and assist, us in becoming more mindful, conscious, self-managed and self-aware… so that we can self-direct, optimise our possibilities, and achieve our potentialS

Tony Dovale, has invested over 42 years in designing, developing, testing, and refining, the most valuable, powerful, and effective, Personal Transformation, and Life Mastery Mind-Shifting, experiences you can enjoy and embrace. This is proven by hundreds of client testimonials.

Mind-Grow-Tainment and Mind-Flow-Grow are the potent technologies that Tony’s developed to achieve “Life-Changing” results, in condensed,   action learning,  experiences.

These provide deep learning, paradigm-shifting insights, and long-term impacts and sustainable lessons, and strategies, to live and lead a positive, meaningful, valuable and outstanding, life that supports People, Purpose, Planet & Performance/Profits.

Tony’s sessions include a variety of adult learning methodologies and interactive encounters that enable participants to experience learning and growth relevant to themselves, their life, and their workplace contexts.  This makes the learnings more relevant, valuable and beneficial to the person, the teams, and to the business.

Mind-Grow-Tainment – Interactive Fun Experiences

Mini lecture/presentation on best practices and latest developments
Fun / light activity, process, or edu-taining-video to use the info, tool or strategy
• Explore creative practice and inventive benefits relating to life and work

Mind-FLOW-Grow – Interactive GROWTH Action-Learning Experiences for mental agility

• Front load and pre-frame MindShifting content
Mini lecture/presentation on best practices and latest developments
• Insightful Experiential Action Learning activity, process or edu-video
• Future Pace Application; Challenges, Consequences and Benefits
• Explore inventive benefits and creative practice across life and work.
• Identity & Values Elicitation and Re-alignment
• Proactive Memory Rethink – PMR to embed new identity & build consciousness

Our unique action learning experiential process often achieves life-changing results in times as short as just 1 day. These experiences, learning and wisdom have been show to last more than 10 years

Tough Mindsets Transform Tough Times Into Mastery & Meaningful Magnificence

Holistic Action Learning Experience

This includes a blend of Mind-Grow Tainment, (fun), as well as Mind-Flow-Grow (Real) based upon 38 years of Tony’s research/development, & global best practice for optimising Self & Mindset Management. 

Participants are introduced into the latest research relating to the Brain, Mind, and Mindset.
This includes the basic development of Psychological Capital:

  • Self-efficacy, Hope, Optimism, Resilience

Mindset Mastery incorporates Self Awareness, Mindfulness, Managing States, Self-Talk, Identity, Values, expectations, and Beliefs that impact perspective, paradigms, mindset states, moods and actions.

Become 7 Times More Valuable

This also includes the International Research by professor Stoltz (AQ/Resilience developer)… on the Mindset qualities most needed by business management.

This shows the top 20 Mindset qualities in order of desire and value, that can make staff members up to 7 times more valuable in their workplace, and up to 8.4 times more valuable as a leader.

The sessions include presentations and exercises on the foundations and strategies for developing a Growth Optimised mindset.

These include Neuro Plasticity, Mirror Neurons, Neuro Leadership, Unconscious Bias, Sub-conscious influence & control, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Deletion, Distortion, and Decisions in Meaning Making, and the impacts upon self-awareness, self-management and self-mastery.

Mindset Mastery…To Truly Transform Self Mastery Success


1. At the end of this session participants will be able to identify the differences between Growth and Fixed Mindsets;

2. Understand and use the Proactive Memory Rewire (PMR) process of refocusing and rewiring their thinking, feelings, and actions to ensure best mindset states under pressure, and in tough times.

3. Understand the benefits and structure of a Resilient Mindset; Use the GO Mindset Mastery system to begin to rewire a long-term shift in their own Consciousness, Identity, Self-Awareness Self Confidence and self-efficacy.;

4. Be able to Peer coach and support team members to achieve optimal mindsets and performance;

5. Have greater self-awareness… and effective tips, tools and techniques to increase Consciousness and Self-Mastery.

Participants will receive a digital copy of Tony’s upcoming book on GO Mindsets, SWIFT SUCCESS: The Revolutionary way to shift from whining to Winning FAST! Value R330

Testimonial:  Mind blowing! Learnt things that I didn’t / wasn’t aware that I was carrying / feeling. Left a better & bigger person, looking forward to a wonderful future. Nokuthele OPP 



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