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My promise to Event Planners, Conference Organisers, Meeting Planners, Secretaries and Corporate Event Organisers. 

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Here’s My Speaker Promise

We know that putting on an event or conference is stressful, challenging and time-consuming.We also know that hiring the right presenter, or speaker is a real challenge for you…So we promise…

Easy To work with

Tony is flexible, friendly and fun. We will be available, clearly-communicate, make ourselves a resource, and do whatever we can to ENSURE your program is one of your best, events or conferences, ever.

We Prepare Fully

We do homework. We will know your attendees, their challenges, their business, and the industry.

Customised Approach

We will customize the content and presentation so that participants and attendance feel like we’re speaking specifically to them, assisting them to solve real and relevant challenges.

Extra Value Added

We will provide outstanding value, and practical wisdom and actions for attendees to be able to apply and implement immediately.

Inspire, entertain, Interact, engage, Transform

We’re more than information and high-content. Your attendees will smirk, smile, laugh, and possibly cry. More importantly, we’ll inspire your people to shift their IDENTITY, thinking, and mindset.​

We Work to make you look GREAT

We will do whatever possible to make it work for you. We have a variety of resources, programs, options, and add-ons, to match your needs, goals, and time or financial budget. Let’s collaborate to create the perfect package and audience experience for your next event.

Eliminate Event Planning Risks

Success ENSURANCE for Events

You’ll get a lot of recognition and positive comments for hiring a great speaker.  But You’ll get roasted for hiring a bad speaker..It’s not life and death really. but we behave like it IS!

A year from now, most of your past attendees…

  • Might remember something about your program venue.
  • Possible recall some interesting tidbit re the entertainment or food.
  • Won’t have any recall on what deserts were available…

…But EVERYONE WILL remember the speaker.

When you hire Tony Dovale, as your beyond motivational speaker you eliminate the downside risks. In thousands of talks, workshops, and presentations, locally and globally, Tony consistently is rated OUTSTANDING. In addition,

Tony is an authority with 35+ years of Experience, Expertise and Wisdom. and as an ex Boy Scout,  he lives to the highest degree of ethics and professionalism.

 Don’t take our word for it:

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