Tony Dovale – Expert Business Leadership Speaker – Press Kit

The Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace

High Performance People, Teams, Leadership and Culture Optimisation

With his new Consciously Constructive CLEARx High Performance Framework, Philosophy and System, leadership expert Tony Dovale has created the ultimate, proven, how-to guide and process, for optimizing passion, performance, productivity and profits.


Change is changing rapidly.  Mega trends are disturbing, dismantling and disrupting old business models.  The unprecedented pace of change in AI technologies, the challenges in workplace engagement, the escalating conflicts and competition, create a VUCA world.

The real paradox: As the context, cultures and the world changes irrevocably, our basic human needs are still the same as 100’s of years ago.

We are distracted by hyper-connection, and addicted to hyper response and dopamine dumps… we are haunted by loss of connection,  hounded by always-on, and yet we are still alone as a humanity… driven with the core desire for genuine connection, caring, compassion, freedom, love, peace, more meaning and joy.

We are victims of our own drive and coercion for greater success… yet it’s at the cost of our future sustainability  or people, planet and profits.

Business is squeezing the last drop of performance out of already over stressed, tired and change fatigued staff… we are forced to do more with less… giving us less of what we truly desire.   We appease our addiction for feeling good by consuming and competing in a plastic and world

Event Horizons have shrunk, time lines have compressed, and competition is growing.

What used to take us decades, now takes months and weeks, what took months takes hours, and minutes.

We are experiencing enormous shifts, globally and in our workplaces. The accelerated pace of life and business, brings even more pressure to perform, collaborate and create.

The half-life of information and education is down to a few years. Remaining relevant requires ongoing regular, constant training,  development, coaching and collaboration. – it’s about being Consciously Constructive remain relevant, responsive and resilient.

Research proves that the SOFT skills stuff is actually the HARD stuff, and vital for success in the now world of work. Mindset, Mindfulness and abilities like self-awareness, consciousness, care, collaboration, compassion, connection, and creativity are vital for ensuring a sustainable positive prosperous future.

Mindfulness, meditation, and compassion practices in the workplace are providing a foundation for certainty, and an antidote to the  chaos, overwhelm and stress;  The new performance silver bullet is a mindset that strengthens resilience,  responsiveness, and workplace well-being.

Scientists know that the mind is trainable/.  We have learnt how to tame our turbulent minds and build our awareness and emotional regulation and intelligence.

Tony Dovale is on a mission to change human consciousness and the experience of humans in the world of work and Life at the deepest levels of self.


Optimizing Performance through a proven High Performance Framework and System

When clients need a vigorously scientific, research-backed guide to High Performance People and Teams, they chose Tony Dovale as their People Performance Enablement and Optimisation Partner.

A veteran corporate leadership Facilitator and Coach, he’s spent 42 years developing, coaching, consulting with hard-driving professionals, helping them understand how people and teams best learn, grow, and thrive.

Dovale has practiced High Performance Facilitation for over 42 years years.
Tony’s clear, direct, and empathetic teaching style, bridges academic validation, neuroscience and the world of high performance teamwork.

Drawing on his experience as a business executive and entrepreneur, he specializes in helping corporations, organizations and governments to optimize and sustain Higher performance and well-being.

It is not about “checking out” or taking the slow road. It is about checking in with yourself in real-time, connecting to the flow and energy of ideas, people and change, to learn new strokes, new habits, new mindsets – to transform how you relate to yourself and others.

It is about moving with purpose and being choiceful and wise, to successfully and sustainably live and work.


Some Topics Tony Dovale Speaks On 

– How to create a mindful workplace and a mindfulness path to innovation in business, and how to build a connected team that’s open, empathetic and focused, and that takes risks. Tying in research from Google on the secrets to top teams, Tony can discuss how mindfulness, Mindsets, and empathy fuel workplace performance.

– How having purpose and meaning at work and in life is a key to sustainable happiness, which is the fuel for higher performance.

– The connection between mindfulness and resilience.  Leaders must constantly “bounce back” from challenges  that are often out of their control.

Mindfulness in the face of adversity enables leaders to stay resilient and shape their own narrative from an empowered, purposeful frame, rather than acting from autopilot or other people’s narratives.

– The unique challenges made by today’s work environment on leaders, and how those challenges can be most effectively met by becoming a “Limitless Leadership.”

–  We are all leading and influencing, and the right Mindsets and more mindfulness can strengthen our productivity and effectiveness.

By increasing self-awareness we can become more confident and efficient, letting internal calm generate external power; this is a foundational skill for Limitless Leadership.

– How to engage difficult conversations with greater ease and better outcomes.

– Strategies and techniques to tame your inner tigers.

– The power of consciousness, kindness and compassion at work — how getting along with peers, clients and even competitors creates greater REAL success.

– How to find similarities and common ground in a world that’s divided, conflicted,  and dogged by meaningless division.

– How to manage the emotions executives wrestle — like fear of failure, decision fatigue, or isolation from team members — by shifting your mental state towards greater consciousness, connection, collaboration, contribution , and joy.

– How to navigate uncertainty and change using the power of internal narrative: how we relate to our experiences, explain our story to ourselves, and make meaning of events.

– The power of shifting from fear-focus,  and frustration to gratitude, Growth-Optimised and generosity.

As founder of the leadership and organizational development firm Life Masters, Tony  speaks internationally to teams about High Performance Mindsets, mindfulness, Limitless Leadership, and compassion in the workplace.

Tony is the developer of the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance  Framework and the Resilience #Adaptagility system .

“My mission is to increase and co-create a world of more…Freedom, Love, Abundance, Meaning, Peace, & Joy.” Dovale says. “

We can cultivate the innate capacities of our mind: curiosity, compassion, consciousness, and creativity and approach everyday situations with greater presence and purpose. The message is that you have a powerful role to bring more love, peace and potential.”