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Tony Dovale’s Personal Mastery and Self Development programs unleash, enlighten, engage, and energise audiences. He activates, expands, and aligns, Individual and Team Potentials, Momentum and Goals.

Tony’s custom-tailored programs, workshops, event and retreats,  unlock your people’s FULLEST potentials, accelerate Self-Awareness, Confidence, Consciousness. And ultimately transform your workplace and culture into a High-Performance 10xponential organization… that supports People, Purpose, Planet & Profits. 

Creating #FutureFit, High Performance REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACES


Develop Your People's Psychological Capital & GO Mindsets


Turbo-Charge Trust & Teamworking


Leverage Learning Limitless Leadership


Create a Consciously Constructive CLEARx HPO Culture


Revolutionary Mindset Mastery and Activating #FutureFit Potential

– Level 1 People:  for Creating a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE.

Tough Times require Tough Mindsets, more Meaning and Masterful Performance, to thrive and flourish in today’s VUCA world, and 4th Industrial Revolution.

In the 4th Industrial Revolution, Humanity is under pressure to perform to their fullest potential in order to ensure survival, thriving, and real success. 

Yet, few people are performing anywhere near their fullest potential. Why?

 Revolutionary Mindset Mastery dares you to unleash and expand your identity and your fullest potential to ardently pursue your dreams.

Tony’s role is to help you awaken to your true power, embrace your entire BEing,  and Breakthrough your limited beliefs, behaviors, and BS constraints that keep your light from shining bright..

You’ll be given a LifeShift guide to assess the 6 traits of being your most potent, passionate and positive self.

Using the lessons learned from working with 1000’s of people and 100’s of teams, over the past 30+ years – and Tony’s personal moments of rejuvenation, re-energising, rewiring, reinvention, and rebounding– you’ll be nurtured, nudged, and inspired, to live your fullest life, on your own terms; to shift consciousness, care, and compassion levels, to enable you to do exceptional stuff, daily.

Participants will leave with an increased capacity to be CLEAR, confident, Conscious, connected and committed. You have a choice: Be a whiner or a WINNER! Know they self and choose… Conscious Success!

For people ready to instill change, Purpose and Passion in their organization, teams, peers, and personal life.

Revolutionary High Performance Resilient Teams -Keynote/Workshop

– Level 2 Teams:  for Creating a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE.

In the ever-changing complex, VUCA landscape, Teams, Trust, and Top Performance are vital necessities for ensuring optimal performance, profitability, and success.

Organizations face many challenges: These include the economy, demanding customers, increased uncertainty,  and stakeholders, increasing competition, and pressure for constant growth, the greatest challenge today is tapping into the talents and passions, of employees, so that they become Active Affirmative Assets in High Performance, Connected, Creative, Committed, Resilient, teams.

 Diverse Teams with members who are conscious, connected, self-motivated, resilient, productive, professional, and engaged, in their best work, can also bring out the best in themselves and others as well.

By operating from a base of “Best For All Of Us”…From their  TurGO-Chared Zone, they unleash the very best in themselves, and others in their team.  This bringing about higher levels of possibility, potential and performance.

Attendees will learn to use their own strengths, the strengths of those in their teams, develop core Mindset qualities and skills for partnering with others, to contribute to higher levels of performance, and productivity. ONLY through high-performance teams, can we conquer new frontiers of innovation, creativity, competitiveness, and contribution to a more sustainable approach to People. Purpose, Planet, AND Profits.   High-Performance Teamwork. Makes the amazing DREAM WORK!

For audience members of all positions, potentials, ambitions, and experiences.

Revolutionary High Performance LIMITLESS Leadership - Keynote/WorkShop

LIMITLESS Leadership for creating a REVOLUTIONARY High PerformanceWORKPLACE.

“Effective leadership impacts up to 70% of performance and Results.”

Change, in all aspects of life and business, is moving faster than the speed of LIFE.

To keep pace, organizations need individuals and teams, who keep raising the bar on performance by rewiring their mindsets, meaning and mastery.

The leadership skills and impacts, required for thriving, in today’s VUCA times, are RARE.  In the continually evolving economy, yesterday’s leadership mindsets, attitudes, and platitudes,  just cannot cut it.

Leaders must let go of their old comfort zones and the past, in order to energise, enable and embrace potential and what’s emerging, in a multi-generational and diverse workplace.

Collaborative creativity and customer-centric solution-oriented, Appreciative inquiry, problem-solving, are vital for winning more often.

Thought-Provoking forward-focussed thinking must permeate throughout the leadership ethos, and corporate culture.

We must shift mindsets and meaning; embrace uncertainty and create new innovations and methodologies, in order to survive, and thrive.

Electrotechnology (IT)  is playing the largest role in this new 4th Industrial revolution. Leaders must activate the new Human Performance Technologies (HPT) in order to ensure optimum effectiveness of their people and teams.

No one is immune to these predictable and possible changes. To stay relevant and ensure your organisation remains relevant and competitive, ALL employees must reposition, rewire and reinvent,  themselves, and revitalize their roles and results.

A shift from SLOW to GO Mindset reset is a vital and essential shift.

Tony Dovale addresses the critical systems and strategies that enable you to stay relevant and resilient in any economy while expanding and aligning potentials and new possibilities.

He will share core principles for developing new more effective and valuable LIMITLESS Leadership mindsets while guiding, inspiring, and enlightening, participants in how to uncover, discover and deploy, the insights needed to be a High-Performance LIMITLESS LEADER that’s #FutureFit…Today.

For audience members of all positions, potentials, ambitions, and experiences.>

Revolutionary Workplace High Performance CLEARx Cultures

Level 4 Leadership for creating a REVOLUTIONARY High-Performance WORKPLACE.

“Effective leadership impacts up to 70% of performance and Results.”

Savvy Conscious leaders know that Culture eats Strategy EVERY TIME!

Discover why and how can you establish a high performance, positive culture where everyone feels they matter and play a vital role in the meaningful success of the team and organisation.

Our 42 years, and over R12 Million rands, in time and money, R&D comes down to this timeless evidence-based truth:

Culture x Leadership x Teamwork x Customer connection = Robust Revenue.

A leader’s responsibility is to create a people, platform, possibility, and process,  directly or indirectly, linked to revenue, profit, and the bottom line.

That process is dependent upon having the right Culture capacity to execute on the leadership strategic intent.

Culture is co-created by leaders and managers when they engender conditions that are enabling for growth.  This includes creating a “psychologically safe” workplace and making it easy to have more LOVE and positive emotional experiences, in the workplace… 

A place where people love to come to work. Where people Love the meaning and results they get. A place where people Love interacting and communicating with team members, a place where people Love serving, internal and external clients.  a place where people love enough to bring their WHOLE SELF, SOUL, and SONG to work. 

Using our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx model, Tony shares that leadership culture building actions, must be deliberate, conscious, committed and caring. 

This intentional and conscious approach becomes the attractor and glue for people loyalty and team commitment, inclusiveness, and cohesiveness.

A successful business to be purposeful about a CLEAR Culture, team bonding,  and delivering honest and candid feedback (good and bad) for optimising self-awareness, self mastery, and increasing performance in a respectful, authentic way that motivates and supports.

Simply put,  REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Culture: Establishing a Culture Where Everyone truly matters, and they bring their very best self to work and win more often.

For audience members of all positions, potentials, ambitions, and experiences.

High Performance Executive Speaker Coaching for CLEAR Communications during CORONA /VUCA Chaos & Crisis.

LIMITLESS Leadership speaker skills for creating a REVOLUTIONARY High-Performance WORKPLACE, that thrives in these tough times.

“Effective leadership impacts up to 70% of performance and Results.”

Business Speaker & Expert Presentation skills training, and coaching, to ensure you have composure, content, credibility, clarity, and impacts to create cohesion and commitment to your messages.

Its in VUCA and CORONA constraining times like these that cogent and convincing communication is critical, to ensure greatest understanding and action.

In times of Chaos, it’s the leaders who communicate CLEARLY, CREDIBLY,  & CONSCIOUSLY,  that get the desired attention, and SWIFT action, FIERCELY focused on the required results.

Executive presence and presentation skills are critical on time of CORONA COVID19 Chaos. 

For audience members of LEADERSHIP positions and potentials.


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