Motivational Speaker Keynotes By Expert Author, International speaker, Tony Dovale in South Africa

There are Motivational Speakers, and then there are Keynote Authors, expert W-INSPIRATIONAL Speakers… who go beyond motivating attendees, to inspiring, enlightening and transforming mindsets from SLOW to GO….

Motivate Your Attendees With Potent Growth-Optimised Mindsets, Insights, and Tools to Radically Transform Results… 

Grow Greatness, guts and GRIT, in your People; Inspiration, Meaning and Profits.

HOW?  ADAPTAGILITY MindGrow-Tainment –  I HELP YOU…Motivate, Inspire and ACTIVATE…

– Build Bullet-Proof Resilient MINDSETS

– Fiercely Focused Actionable Solutions

– Valuable Growth-Oriented mindset Qualities

– Build a Positive Organisational Culture

– Create greater Consciousness, Awareness

– Increase Focus, Happiness & Engagement



…To ENSURE ongoing Success and Improvement in their lives…in an Entertaining, Insightful, Informative and Inspiring manner – its the new…Mind-GRO-tainment. You Get The MOST Powerful COMPETITIVE Advantage With A GO MINDSETS That Makes Your staff  7 Times More Valuable, Resilient & Happy@work.  Inspire People and Grow Profits.

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GO Beyond Motivational speakers

My passion and process is motivating and assisting people in unlocking their unlimited potential through uncovering their Core Identitiy, unleashing their GO Mindsets… and Activating their Spark of Unstoppable Positive and Potent Self-belief…going beyond motivation to INSPIRATION.

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"Tony Dovale of Life Masters is one of the most thought provoking, Motivating/ inspiring and action activating speakers I've ever encountered."

- Clive Stace - CEO Strategy Guru