Keynote talks and Business Workshop Topics:

  •  REAL Success: How to Ensure SMART action which ENSURES Success
  • Mindset Transformation: Resilience, Happiness, Self Mastery Reinventing Yourself from Within
  • Taming Tigers : Championing your Inner Champion
  • SMART Action: Creating a Blueprint for Inner Change and Outer REAL Success
  • Breaking Free: Overcoming Self-Sabotage
  • Changing How Change Changes Change

Professional Business Speaker Spotlight

Tony Dovale is Internationally certified Science of Happiness at Work Coach & facilitator, Resilience Expert and Real Success Ensurance Activator.

Tony has facilitated and spoken to thousands of participants in  such countries as Zimbabwe,  London U.K., South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, U.S.A.

His company www.lifemasters.co.za  is dedicated to educating people on a global basis regarding Resilience, Appreciation, Leadership, self-esteem, confidence building, stress management, and PsyCap. Tony Dovale is committed to increasing the levels of Freedom. Love, Abundance, Peace and Joy to the lives of those who are ready to  SHIFt to the next level