Talk: ADAPTAGILITY for Thriving in Tough Times

Consciously Leading in the Mega-Waves of Unrelenting Change and Challenge

Effective Leadership and Conscious Leading has never been more important, or more challenging, to unleash and align your people, and build your team / organisation’s readiness to adapt, adjust, and advance, through the mega-waves of uncertainty and unrelenting change.

The new norm… is handing the mega-waves and …
Thriving in the uncertain and volatile present demands that we have greater ADAPTAGILITY….in the People, Teams, Leadership, Culture, and the organisational ‘DNA’.

Leading in the mega-waves of unrelenting change, is a powerful, insightful, and motivating presentation. Designed to reframe your leadership perspective, and mindset, as well as provide a practical overview and actions, as to what it takes to be a #FutureFit  #AntiFragile leader with high ADAPTAGILITY embedded throughout your organisation.

This talk frames the shifting context, the challenges, and what’s needed to thrive before uncovering what leaders need to BE, know, and do, in order to lead and develop ADAPTAGILITY to ensure greatest success potential effectively in this ever-changing context, of challenge AND OPPORTUNITY.

As keynote leadership speakers, we understand that effective leadership is more important now than ever before.

The challenges of today’s uncertain and ever-changing business landscape require leaders to be conscious and adaptable, and to align their teams to build readiness for the future.

To succeed in the new norm, organizations must have greater ADAPTAGILITY in their people, teams, leadership, culture, and organizational DNA.

Our Keynote Talk / presentation on leading through unrelenting change is designed to provide a powerful and motivating perspective on leadership, while also offering practical insights and actions to become a #FutureFit #AntiFragile leader.

Our talk will frame the shifting context and challenges of today’s business world, before delving into what leaders need to BE, know, and do to develop ADAPTAGILITY and unlock the greatest potential for success in this ever-changing landscape of challenges and opportunities.

Trust us to help you become the kind of leader who can unleash and align your people and build a team that is ready to adapt, adjust, and advance through the mega-waves of uncertainty.

SMART Leading in the MEGA-waves of unrelenting Change embraces the ADAPTAGILITY leadership framework.

It highlights the requisite mindsets, skills, actions, and values, to be able to create greater ADAPT-AGILITY throughout your organisation, at a personal, Team, and organisational level.

The framework and content is valuable throughout the world, and across multiple sectors.

Leading in a Changing World positions the importance and role of ADAPTABILITY: AGILITY, RESILIENCE in REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACES and Limitless Leadership – ending with a powerful and compelling message positioning the leader as a ‘broker of hope’.

Delivered as both a bespoke keynote and / or a fully interactive workshop.

Key Take Home Value

An appreciation for the bigger picture’ as to what is changing and How to be more Adaptable, Agile, Resilient and  Responsive

Understand the importance of context in shaping the leadership conversation, agenda and response.

Understand the key disruptive change drivers.

Have access to several practical contextual and leadership frameworks / tools to help shape their own leadership practice.

Feel motivated to be the type of leader who is a ‘broker of hope’ – based on an understanding of just why this is so important.

Leave with a clear understanding of what ‘I need to do next’.

Who is this for?

  1. Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Coaches, HR Teams, Entrepreneurs

Delivery: – Onsite / Remote

A live 60-90 Minute in person session or a Remote Zoom Style Interactive Masterclass



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