“In Tough Times, People Who FEEL Better,

Proven Potent High Performance Process

Winning More through Well-Being, GRIT, Bullet-Proof Mindset, Resilience, and Adaptagility, in the Corona Constrainted New-Normal.

Times are Tough! Times are Uncertain…. Times have changed, irrevocably!  It’s the perfect time to become… Consciously Constructive, Resilient and Adaptagile.

These ever-changing times require Fierce Focus, Growth-Optimised, Bullet-Proof, Mindsets, with Conscious Collaboration, and Limitless Leadership, in order to create cultures, context, conditions, and commitment, to increasing workplace well-being and winning in a more sustainable business 4.0 context, supporting  People, Planet AND Profits.

This is where the worlds’ mindset is focussed right now…

– Resilience/mental health
– Change
– Crisis management
– Remote working: o engage, motivate & lead remotely
– Health (with specific call for experts in viruses)
– Innovation
– Trends and future
– Economy and finance
– Climate
– Future of work

If you are ready to equip, inspire, and transform, your people, teams, leadership and culture – to thrive in these uncertain times – Contact Tony Dovale Expert Leadership Speaker, today, to book your life-Shifting sessions.

Business Keynote and Leadership Talks

Adaptagility Alchemist: Potential 2 EXO Results

Interactive Mind-Grow-Tainment InfoTainment Presentation, Experience

Having “potential” does not mean performing at your optimal capability. 

MOST people are performing well below their fullest potential. This creates frustration and unhappiness on many levels, and wastes massive human potential.

In a land, far beyond excuses and finger pointing, there’s a place of new possibility…of higher potential… of greater achievement, increased happiness, and real success: personal and business.

Tony’s POTENTIAL 2…interactive Mind-Grow-Tainment presentation gets to the heart of how your people can be, do, and have, more in life and business.

As leaders are forced to focus on the VUCA world and the “future of work”, this experience will AWAKEN, ACTIVATE and ACTION higher levels of positive, proactive, and passionate SWIFT Achievement.

Get your team FIERCELY-Focused, Fired-UP, Mentally Rewired and energised, for higher performance and outstanding results…

Where everyone reaches, more proactively, towards their fullest potential. 

We’ve seen Life-changing, almost miraculous, actions happen from this event and Potential to Performance process.

Potent High Performance Experience

Leaders Make Fire!

– Leading Consciously, From Dark to Spark…

Tough times require Resilient, High Performance Organisations (HPO).

Learn How to Ignite and align your people and team’s fullest potentials, to achieve exponential business success, in spite of the conditions, context, and constraints. 

“Fire” = RESULTS…SUCCESS and Thriving!

Fire is Necessity. Fire enables Possibility. Fire = Fierce Focus.

Making fire requires the right skills, mindset, context and resources.  Thus, being able to “MAKE FIRE” = SUCCESS.

DESCRIPTION: Fire is the foundation of all sustainable success in life and Business.

If you can’t “MAKE FIRE”, being resilient, resourceful, and relevant…you have serious challenges, competing in the ever-challenging 4th Industrial Revolution, where conditions are seldom IDEAL.

The ability to “IGNITE Potential, and MAKE FIRE” in the current challenging business context, is what separates Winers from Winners, Wishers from World-class, and Wannabe’s from… We’re DOING IT!

Each day your people and teams MUST “MAKE FIRE” and  maintain that FIRE, as the core energy resource to ensure ongoing Sustainability and Success for the people, the teams, and business.

As leaders, You are the SPARK, that engages, and activates, POTENTIAL into POWER. Leaders must SPARK potential into a high Performance and Fiercely Focussed, FURNACE.

Without FIRE…everyone and the business dies! 

Without The Leadership SPARK… Fire is IMPOSSIBLE!


  • Format: Interactive talk or workshop
  • Delivery: Local / Remote
  • Talk Duration:  45 to 90 mins talk
  • Workshop Duration: Half day to 3 day experience

 CORE THEME:  Building a HPO Workplace
Shifting from Darkness to a Spark.
From Spark to Flame.
From Flame to Fire.
and then Fire to Furnace!

 4 Levels and Focus Areas = 4 Business Talks

Level #1.PERSONAL: Bullet Proof #FutureFit Mindsets

Steps to Building Bullet-Proof Growth-Optimised mindsets, that incorporates #ADAPTAGILITY: Resilience/AQ (Psychological Capital)

Level #2. TEAMWORKING: Turbo-charged with Trust 

Conscious Commitment to optimal Teamworking; Connections, Clear Communication, Cohesion, and Collaboration.


Limitless LeaderShip Mindsets to unleash Peak Performance, and deliver outstanding business results, with a culture of Creativity, Innovation, Commitment, Clarity, Certainty, More Meaning, and CANDO Mindsets!

Level #4. – CLEARx Consciously Constructive  Culture

CO-Creating a Context, Climate, and Organisational Culture, that enables, empowers, amplifies, aligns, and energises, your people, to engage their strengths and synergies, in a psychologically safe space, Fiercely Focussed on Meaningful goals and results.

KEY-TAKEAWAYS from this Leadership Talk

At the end of this participants will..

1. Feel Better, be more aware of, and able to, self manage Emotional Focus and States
2. Have a clear knowledge of the 6 primary levers that controls productivity, performance and Results
3. Understand the process and impacts of applying the proven REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE HPO framework, to build a high performance people and teams.

4. Have a More Growth-Optimised Mindset with greater levels of Resilience, 

5. Be able to optimise Mindsets, Meaning, Momentum, teamwork, trust,, communication and collaboration

Proven Potent High Performance Expert

The Revolutionary Workplace in 4IR

Every leader needs to optimise performance of People, Teams, Leadership and Culture… This talk gives a clear picture of the 6 most imprtant CLEARx areas to work on when optimising your teams and creating a REVOLUTIONARY High Performance WORKPLACE.

Based upon Tony’s 30+ years of research experience and wisdom in optimising workplaces… from Potential to PERFORMANCE… with the proven REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx High Performance framework, philosophy and system.

High Performance Leadership Talks

Flap2Fly with WHAT AND WHY!

Interactive Mind-Grow-Tainment Experience – Local or Remote

All Teams need something to Energise, abd activate greatness, as they navigate the VUCA  and ever-changing workplace landscape.   The bigger,  clearer and more meaningful the WHY, the more potent the HOW.

Thriving in the “Business Storm” is the new normal…we need Resilient People, Turbo-charged Teams, and Limitless Leadership… to create a High Performance CULTURE, that achieves outstanding results…in tough VUCA Times.

High Performance Executive Coach

Exponential needs Engaged Energy

It’s CLEAR… innovation and creativity are a waste of time for many organisations!   WHY? Because they cannot execute and implement their existing strategic imperatives already.

EXPONENTIAL looks at the world, as technologies outstrip our ability to stay up to speed, and explores the Human Performance Teachnologies (HPT) pathways beyond AI, IOT,  and machine learning.  What will it take to take your team into EXPONENTIAL performance and Results?  WE CAN get you there…



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