My BIG Idea: The Right Growth-Optimised MINDSET with AdaptAgility is at the ROOT of ALL personal and Business Success.

Thrive, Flourish, & BECOME INDISPENSABLE with a Growth-Optimised MINDSET!  Time for a MINDSET REvolution… Rethink, Rewire, Rejuvenate, and ReActivate Your GRIT and GO MINDSETS to Achieve SWIFT Success.

More Meaning, Mastery, Mindfulness, Motivation & Money =GO Mindset, Shift from Stressed, Stalled, Stuck  and Whining to WINNING and REAL Success…Fast, with a RESILIENT GO-MINDSET, FIERCE Focus and SWIFT Action in the NEW ZMOT Economy.

Shift from… Stressed, Stalled, Stuck and Whining to… Winning and REAL Success, Fast, with a RESILIENT GO-MINDSET, FIERCE Focus and SWIFT Action in the NEW ZMOT Economy.

GO Mindset Transformer Creates Success Faster with CORE MindShift:
Tony Helps Achieve True Success

… Discover How To Build Exceptional Staff and Team Mindsets, Attitudes & SWIFT Actions.

Improve Relationships – Reduce Stress – Unleash – Inspire – Engage * Activate breakthrough Performance & Results with Bullet-Proof & Resilient GO-Mindsets


“People seek me for my Soul Goals. Hire me for my Heart-set.
Pay me for my GO Mind-set.
And when I use all 3, they get best value, and trust me most.”

Give Your Teams The Winning Advantage With Extremely Resilient, Robust, Agile, Flexible GO-Mindsets for SWIFT Action with FIERCE Focus…To Transform And ENSURE Better Results… SWIFTLY!  You Can Build Well-Being and Thriving through A GO Mindset Being At The Center Of Your High Performance Company Culture.


For more than 35+ years Tony has been helping sales people, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, and leaders to transform their MINDSETS, Thinking Process and Results:-

  • Rethink Change & Overcome Adversity.
  • Build Winning and Growth-Optimised Mindsets.
  • Take Effective & SWIFT Action.
  • THRIVE Through Change & Uncertainty
  • Dramatically Improve Leadership Effectiveness & Results
  • ReThink Change, Leadership & High Performance Culture
  • Develop Mental AGILITY, Flexibility, Well-being and Resilience,
  • Enhance Personal & Organisational Well-being and Flourishing

His wisdom, knowledge and expertise helps to radically and positively transform mindsets,
attitudes and actions in the workplace, and in people’s personal lives.

Increases of  35% to 400% in performance and growth are typical.

Tony’s spoken to thousands of participants in many countries such as as London U.K., South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada, and U.S.A. And the audiences all love him.

“Tony’s Talk deeply and profoundly touched every aspect of my life! A 10/10 experience” – Zelda HR Psychologist

Tony has been published in:

BRITISH AIRWAYS ~ Comair Magazine


HR FUTURE Magazine

ASTD ~ (American Society for Training & Development)


“Tony Dovale is one of the most Thought-Provoking and inspiring keynote speakers, I have encountered in all of my life” – Clive Stacey – Chairman and Strategy Guru

“Was life-changing and went way past our biggest expectations.”

Onwell Msomi

General Manager, Coca Cola South Africa

“Thank you for a truly enlightening and life-changing experience.”
Andile Mvinjelwa

Managing Director , South African Mint

“Life-Changing experience! Very helpful.
Sandile Malinga

CEO, South African National Space Agency

“I expected good…but you delivered WAY more than I expected. Awesome result”

Divisional HR Director, Makro

“Sales grew from R30 Million to R50 Million in 18 months”
Frank Lovell

CEO, Lovell Packaging/Oxbow

I’m so impressed with the power & effectiveness of your process. I’ve never experienced something like this where we get to the real heart of the people. This was amazing!
Ayanda Wakaba

Executive Head, Independent Development Trust

“I recommend Tony both for program content and his style.”
Elizabeth Van Reenen

Director, Department of Agriculture S Africa

1 word for the session- “POSITIVE”. My team & I are committed & honest. We are far more relaxed & open. I see my team totally different (positive) light; I see Support, Trust, Honesty, Humor & Spirit.  Amazing experience


HR Manager, Impala Platinum

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Tony Dovale Business Leadership Speaker
South Africa