Internal Self-Awareness:

How Self-Aware are you?
Both, internally and externally?

Are you conscious enough to be truly CONSCIOUS?

How clear are you on your :

  1. perspectives, biases,
  2. values, passions,
  3. aspirations, fit with our environment,
  4. reactions (including thoughts, feelings, behaviors,
  5. strengths, and weaknesses),
  6. and impact on others.”


External Self-Awareness:

How aware are you, really, of exactly how others hear, see, and experience YOU?

People who are internally self-aware are often happier in their work and personal lives;

If you are are externally highly self-aware you often lean towards being far more conscious and empathetic, and thus will have better relationships with your staff.

Self Awareness Matters

The main difference between people who plateau and those who are effective in meeting and overcoming their challenges full on.

Self awareness “the meta skill of the 21st century”
What does the data show is linked to high self awareness?
Self awareness is foundational to all skills required to succeed
What does the Science say about Self Awareness?
Self aware people are:
-More fulfilled
-Better communications
-More confidence
-Have better relationships
-More effective leaders
-Run more profitable companies



Unlocking Human Performance:  Building 10x REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACES™

Explore how to activate your team’s  fullest potentials,  collaboration, and contribution, to create a high-performance workplace, for thriving in tough VUCA Times.

Topic:  Assessing, optimising, engaging, Inspiring,  and empowering  Your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture to achieve Exponential Results. Go Mindsets, Trust & Teamwork, Limitless Leadership,  CLEARx Cultures, go beyond change-management to Constant-Innovation in  the VUCA / Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Perfect Audiences: Leadership Events,  Associations, Executives / CEO’s, Teams, Sales Teams, Executive Teams, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Management, Teams.

Time is tight. Stress is Soaring. Competition is Growing. Talent is Restless. Multiple generations are creating havoc for old style – command and control, dinosaur leadership mindsets.  

Business must embrace RESPONSE-AGILITY and GROWTH MINDSETS, to build stronger Psychological Capital and more effective and efficient, cohesive collaboration to Win – in these ever tougher and competitive, times.

People, teamwork, leadership effectiveness, and a CLEARx Culture, are potent competitive advantages, to protect your organization from cannibalization, by ever-increasing Tech Automation, and growing competition.

Learn how to Activate, Unleash, Expand, and Align, your people’s fullest potentials, for potent performance and productivity, in a sustainable and Human-Positive manner, where people, planet AND Profits matter.

In this unique, Mind-Grow-FLOW workshop, Tony Dovale takes you through his 30+ years of research, refinement, and development, of the academically validated, PROVEN, High Performance Workplace, Philosophy, Framework, Methodology, and System, that he calls The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE.

Your audiences and participants will learn:

– How to Apply Human Performance Technologies (HPT) to ENSURE your team’s Thriving and Success.

– What new Human Element Mindsets & Skills are vital to Thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

– How to apply HIGH TOUCH for increasing client loyalty, in a High Tech World.

– The CLEARx Six step system to build your own REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High-Performance Teams.

– How to foster a Connected, Committed, Collaborative, and Constant Innovation, organisational culture to increase performance, productivity and profitability.

– How to use the new science of ‘Human Performance Technology’ to assess, evaluate and optimise workplace challenges, problems and constraints,

– How To Activate,  Expand and Align your people’s fullest potentials and performance to implement and execute with Excellence.

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05-05Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage
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