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Build #FutureFit Mindsets & Teams To Deliver High-Performance RESULTS!

Solve Performance Problems: People, Teams, Leadership & Culture.

Tony’s Mind-Grow-Tainment  Creates #FutureFit Game-Changing Resilient, Agile, Responsive, Mindsets, Higher Performance Teams and Exponential Results!

Change Change into….Responsive, flexible … Perpetual Reinvention.


  • Develop Bullet-Proof Mindsets & Self Mastery with Soul
  • Turbo-Charge Your Teamworking, Trust & Collaboration
  • Leverage Limitless Leadership and HPO Innovation
  • Activate Positive Proactive High Performance Culture

Tony helps you EXPAND and TRANSFORM POTENTIAL into Higher PERFORMANCE and RESULTS.   He offers thought-provoking, inspiring, and informative, business keynote talks, Limitless Leadership Retreats/ Workshops, Executive Coaching, REAL Team Buildings and High Performance Tools.

motivational speakers South Africa - business Leadership Speaker Tony Dovale gauteng

See if Tony Is Available for your Event or Conference

You can Trust Tony to have the requisite stories, skill, ability, knowledge, experience and expertise to WOW your audience…and Transform Mindsets

Tony’s the Perpetual Reinvention and Exponential Results Expert. Build Winning Mindsets, Teams, Leadership and Culture.

Change change into GROWTH and Perpetual Reinvention…Build #FutureFit Mindsets, Higher Performance Teamworking, Limitless Leadership, and Exponential Impacts in a Revolutionary Workplaces, through Human Performance Technology,  High Performance Psychology, and the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Philosophy, Framework and System.

ENSURE GREATER SUCCESS with Expert Business Leadership Speakers and Exponential Impacts Facilitator; Tony helps You Create Resilient, Agile, “Bullet-Proof”, Mindsets, and High Performance Workplaces, for Thriving and Flourishing in a VUCA world. Go WAY beyond the impacts of Motivational Business Speakers or motivational speakers on mindsets… Choose Tony’s Potent and memorable Mind-Grow-Tainment Experience.

You can now experience the proven Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Framework, Philosophy and System (CLEARx), to Turbo-Charge Potential and Performance of your People, Teamwork, Leadership, and Organisational Cultures, whilst supporting People, Planet AND Profits.

Tony’s not just a “theoretical” speaker. He’s a hands-on expert experienced, businessman, researcher, facilitator and executive coach, with 42+ years experience, with developing people and high-performance systems. He is best for clients that are ready to TurGO-Charge performance, creating EXPONENTIAL impacts and results.  As a Proven High Performance Facilitator and Expert, Tony is a catalyst for transformation on multiple levels -with LifeShifting impacts.  You should try it sometime…like Now… 🙂

Never been in training this INSPIRING!

It was Awesome! Tony was very energizing, very inspirational.  Our organisation can definitely use this type of training. It covers many different elements, of motivating teams, getting teams to work together better, getting teams to understand each other. The fun, the camaraderie, the whole energetic levels of the team improved.

I’ve never been in a training that is this INSPIRING before!

Actually getting people to think about… really understanding each other… What makes you tick? What makes you happy?…What makes you sad? And how do you need to look at this? A good understanding of yourself, where you need to be, where you are going? I REALLY enjoyed it. And I definitely feel good! Ansa – HR Manager Nissan South Africa.

400% Growth from Tony's HPO Intervention!

IDT_teams1 400% Growth . After working with Tony’s Revolutionary Workplace High Performance system – Talk and workshop, we 4x’d our annual turnover…R200 Million to R800 Million.-  ” Deon Financial Manager – IDT – Independent Development Trust

"What an amazing breath of FRESH air!" Better than 99.9% motivational speakers I've seen in over 26 years

It’s very hard to impress me, BUT… Tony held my attention from the first moment, for the full talk! As a professional conference organiser, and being in the conference industry for 26 years, I’ve seen them all.   But, Tony is OUTSTANDING!!

– Marinda. Saaci Conference Professional

" Tony's helping us to do it again - Goal 200 Million!"

Lovell_Industries_Logo“From a weekends intervention “We grew business from R30 Million to R50 Million annual sales  because of our work with Tony! – New goal with Tony is 200 Million Revenues. Allison/ Oxbow Resort & Frank/ Lovell Packaging

Tony delivered way beyond what we were expecting!


Tony delivered way beyond what we were expecting. We had an OUTSTANDING team experience! – John Barker Assistant GM Coca Cola (USA) FIFA World Cup Management team.

"...a truly enlightening & life-changing experience!"

sa_mint_50   …a truly enlightening and life changing experience!  Really removed team barriers. Made us focus on key leadership aspects.  We also built trust within the team. Your talk and facilitation turned out to be a unique and powerful experience.- Andile Mvinjelwa, Managing Director, SA Mint.

"Tony created a noticeable and dramatic difference in our team"


Call Center Team & Mindset Optimisation:   Tony’s team development & Bullet Proof mindset talk and Coaching made a noticeable and dramatic difference in our teams attitude and performance  – Paul De Waal – Snr Manager Customer Services Makro Call center

"Working with Tony was one of the most valuable decisions we've made!"


Organisational Development Team Alignment “To Use Tony service was one of the most valuable decisions we’ve made as a customer insights department”. – Bernice A. Vodacom Customer Service

Tony’s spoken to thousands of participants in many countries such as London UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Canada, Kenya and USA. And the audiences all love him.

Tony gave us a A 10/10 experience

Tony’s Talk deeply and profoundly touched every aspect of my life and our team! A 10/10 experience” -Zelda HR Psychologist

Tony was fantastic! I was blown away...awesome!

As an international speaker and trainer, I find it very hard to sit and endure BORING seminars. But from the moment I heard Tony’s relaxed, motivational and inspiring style, I was HOOKED!  Not only is he inspiring, but he motivates you by sharing his personal struggles, trails AND triumphs! Tony challenged me to get FIERCE FOCUS about my business. He said ONE thing that shifted my thinking ENTIRELY. I’m coming away more driven and focused than ever before.   You can tell that Tony REALLY CARES about making a difference in the lives of his audience!..

OUTSTANDING...! The positive impact Tony had on me and our team, is SO SIGNIFICANT!

“I attended Tony’s workshop as part of my Toast Masters Leadership training. Tony was outstanding!  The positive impact, at a personal level, that just spending a morning with Tony has had on our team, is so significant, that we are already working to make it possible for Tony to come back to address all of our leaders at our Southern African Toast Masters conference in May.

The Most Thought-provoking speaker In my life!

Tony’s talk had a profound impact on my thinking and mindset. Most thought Provoking experience in my life… Clive Stacey – The Strategy Guru

I Help companies to achieve Exponential Impacts and Results...SWIFTLY!

…by optimising  BULLET-PROOF Mindsets Unleashing potential, building #FitureFit Teamwork & Trust, Leveraging LIMITLESS Leadership and Clearing your Culture

Tony is one of the MOST inspirational individuals I've ever had the privilege of meeting!

Without question…Tony is one of the most inspirational individuals I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting!    Insightful, thought-provoking and genuinely doing what he does to see other people achieve swift success. He’s the REAL catalyst for ENSURING success. Honest Ncube – Neuro Coach, Facilitator & Business Manager

Your talk at PSASA was absolutely amazing!

Professional Speakers Association South Africa – Expert Speaker

...Awesome, Wow Fun, Exciting, Enlivening, Wake Up Call...!

Thank You Tony Dovale for an Awesome, Wow Fun, Exciting, Enlivening, Woke (Wake Up Call)
Presentation last night to COMENSA Pretoria! Andrea Girling.

Go beyond the usual Motivational Speakers Results...

Activate #FutureFit Mindsets: Agile, Resilient, Courageous, Growth, GRIT and Greatness…Activating Fullest Potential, with More Consciousness, Meaning, GO Mindsets and Self Mastery.

The Newest Mind-Grow-Tainment Interactive Experiences to Actively involve Audiences

Use Mind-Grow-Tainment and Team-Flow-Grow to build “Bullet-Proof”, more caring and conscious mindsets, Higher Performance Teamworking, and Trust, with Limitless Leadership, on every level of your Organisation.

The Consciously Constructive REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System  is your best Way to ENSURE RESULTS.

motivational speakers South Africa - business Leadership Speaker Tony Dovale gauteng

ACTIVATE #FutureFit Mindset Mastery. Create More Meaning, Motivation, and Team Magic. Deliver High Impact eXponential Results Through CLEARx and Perpetual Reinvention.

Activate, align, Amplify and expand potential. Convert Change into Perpetual Reinvention. Inspire innovation and creativity, to deliver Greatest Growth… through the CLEARx REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Execution system

“Tony is one of the most thought provoking and inspiring people I’ve experienced!” Clive Stacey - CEO

Strategy Guru, Execustrat

Book Tony as Your #FutureFit Business Leadership or keynote speaker if…


  • You are ready to transform, reinvent, reactivate, regenerate and revitalise your organization.

  • You are committed to transform and optimise your corporate culture to support higher performance teamworking, and core business imperatives.

  • You need to develop Limitless Leadership mindsets, attitudes, and skills across your company.

  • You need to build and sustain  effective and powerful leadership Mindsets and a positive high-performance culture and attitudes, to ensure success, in Tough Times.

  • You need a dynamic speaker, facilitator or presenter, for a corporate conferences or business events, who’s spoken to, coached, and facilitated, executives, leadership, small and large groups, locally and internationally.

  • You need to activate, inspire, and educate, your people, teams, and leaders, to be more agile, able, energised, and change responsive, in a VUCA world.


“Tony’s Session With Us Was LIFE-CHANGING!
He Went Way Past Our Biggest Expectations!”

-Onwell Msomi GM Coca Cola SA FIFA World Cup Management team)

From My Heart… and Higher Purpose…


I’m privileged to address audiences locally and globally. These smart groups choose me because they want their audiences to experience a new powerful Mind-Grow-Tainment process, thought-provoking content,  and 40+ years of wisdom,  insights, lessons and research…that can transform how they achieve results.

My passion for researching and facilitating Higher Performance; people, teams, leadership and culture clearing workshops and talks, and my experience business/ executive coaching, developing Potent Mindsets, and activating greater potential, make my presentations’ foundations relevant, radical, thought-provoking, vital and valuable.

Aside from my experience and expertise, I’m hired because I deliver my encounters with Authenticity and LOVE; Purpose, Passion, Compassion, Clarity and Commitment

My opening keynotes talks start your meetings with a thought-provoking “bang”, that keeps everyone talking about the events messages for days and weeks, long after the event.

My closing keynote speeches activate and send everyone home with an energized and awake MindShift, ready and raring to GO…to take fiercely focused, positive, SWIFT action, with their new mindsets, perspectives, information, and new found passion.

All talks, workshops and presentations are adjusted to the level of the audiences. All the way from CEO’s, executives, high-potential leaders, to troubled teams, and taxing top performers, even the tea-lady’s team.

Longer interactive keynotes talks and high performance programs, and retreats, are high-content, totally relevant, based on extensive research,  customisation, development, and experiences, in the trenches, and from helping companies and teams to 2x or even 4x their results.

The Mind-Grow-Tainment process blends activities, interactions, information, and engaging group explorations, into potent appreciative inquiry action-learning, highly engaging, and entertaining encounters. Its a potent blend of proven experience, expertise and entertainment – that creates profound life-shifting and memorable  experiences.

Beyond Motivatioal Speaker & expert Facilitator Tony Dovale
tony dovale gauteng motivating people nac2015 - Business Speaker
Tony Dovale South Africa- Business Leadership Speakers - Taming Tigers Motivational and Inspiring

Why Choose Tony Dovale as your next highly entertaining, motivating and inspirational business leadership speaker, or High-Performance Results Facilitator? Value, Impacts & Benefits…

  • Tony differs from other Keynote or leadership and mindset speakers in  Gauteng South Africa, because his potent Mind-Grow-Tainment #FutureFit process enhances messages, meaning, impacts, motivation, and mindset mastery with experiences that LAST.
  • Extensive expertise in deep personal mastery and high performance business growth experience, enables Tony to share a wealth of actionable insights, tools and wisdom, that puts the value-add you gain far ahead of typical short-lived  purely motivational style messages.
  • The Mind-Grow-Tainment process  and impacts are life-changing for individuals, and life-giving for teams and companies.  The Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace philosophy, framework, and system’s impacts last beyond best motivational speakers talks.
  • You gain optimum value, and long-term impact, from Tony’s inspiring, engaging, and expert talks, workshops and Action-Learning experiences, because they positively shift people’s IDENTITY: perspectives, limiting beliefs, blind-spots, behaviours, baggage and MINDSETS.

This means that clients get huge improvements and long-term sustainability in engagement and inspiration, Happiness@work, Growth Mindsets, Resilience, Leadership Effectiveness, Agility, Flexibility, Responsiveness, Flourishing and Workplace Well-Being – REVOLUTIONARY!

If you need  Exponential RESULTS… Call Tony.  You can trust Tony to ensure real Success. You get  massive value, FAR beyond the  usual impacts, results,  and  sustainability.

Clients get to see very meaningful returns on their investments. Some as large as 2x to 4x annual improvement in business performance and results.  Be Smart – Go beyond  short-lived impacts- Be Game-Changing! Create #FutureFit  High Performance Happy Hope-Filled Mindsets.

You can TRUST Tony for great experiences and best value… Real Mind-Grow-Tainment

Tony’s Business and Speaker Background & Expertise

Tony Dovale is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, Consciously Constructive Courageous Mindset expert, and business leadership speaker.  He has a passion for helping others to activate, expand, and SWIFTLY action their Fullest potential, to achieve their greatest work: Their Soul’s Goals.

He knows exactly what it’s like to start and run businesses, pour your heart, soul, and money into it, and hope to see it develop into a high-performance machine… that is profitable, sustainable, efficient, effective, vital, and adds real value to the world – People, Planet & Profit.

Tony thrives on helping you overcome your greatest challenges, and achieving outstanding results. He has the experience and know-how to help you visualise, plan, create, and rigorously execute, successful plans with FIERCE Focus and SWIFT Action to attract and retain loyal customers, grow your team, trust, organisational culture, workplace well-being AND profits.

Tony’s fresh-approach new talks and presentations are on his Consciously Constructive REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Exponential Mindsets, and CLEARx High Performance framework;proven systems ENSURE SUCCESS, and help companies to become Consciously Constructive and thrive in an ever more uncertain VUCA world.

As a great business leadership speaker, Tony goes way beyond good Motivational and Inspirational speakers, on mindsets and leadership, in South Africa.  He creates mindshifting action-learning experiences, that deeply and profoundly impact and transform people, teams, leadership and culture on multipl levels.

  • Teamwork and Leadership will be your most potent and effective system optimiser, with step-by-step phases to help you take yourself, your team, and your business to the next level of Higher-Performance, impacting People, Planet and Profits.

  • The Consciously Constructive REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE and CLEARx Xponential High Performance Results System are based upon over 40+ years of research, development and refinement. Transforming Motivational Speakers into LifeShifting WINSPIRATION catalysts.

  • The Consciously Constructive CLEARx system is a holistic high-performance Philosophy, Framework and Process, that helps people, leaders, teams and entrepreneurs, to develop Resilient Growth-Mindsets, True Teamwork, and create a Consciously Constructive workplace (Regular Development of People, Support Planet & Drive Profit), that thrives, flourishes, and achieves exponential impacts and results.

As a High-Performance Expert, Tony’s Experience, Expertise and Wisdom Covers…

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP
  • Growth-Mindset Mastery
  • Resilience / Adversity Intelligence / AQ
  • Human Performance Technology – HPT
  • Theory Of Constraints – TOC
  • Potential Expansion Experience
  • High Performance Teams (HPO)
  • Appreciative Inquiry – Ai
  • Blue Ocean Strategy, Creativity & Innovation
  • Tribal, Limitless, and Higher Ground Leadership
  • Science of Happiness@work(tm)
  • Killa Company Creativity Process
  • Employee Engagement Development
  • Psychological Capital Development
  • Digital ZMOT Marketing
  • CLEARx HPO Strategic Planning
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Strenghts-based approach
  • Challenge of Changing Change into Perpetual Reinvention

Tony Dovale’s Been Published In Media Across The World

BRITISH AIRWAYS ~ Comair Magazine




HR FUTURE Magazine


ASTD ~ (American Society for Training & Development)


If Tony can help teams  to 2x to 4X their results…IMAGINE what he can do for YOU, with a shift in Mindsets, Transformation of Teamwork, and creating a High-Performance Culture, with Limitless Leadership!

Time for FIERCE Focus on Strategic Success, with SWIFT Action, to deliver Exponential Impacts.  Get the leadership / Conference expert speaker who goes way beyond the norm in  Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Complete the form on top and get started  with Tony’s Mind-Grow-Tainment.